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CNC Machine Learning Kit Student
CNC Machine Learning Kit Student
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CNC Machine Learning Kit Student

CNC Learning Kit is a CNC learning package supported by software / hardware and hardware that is agronomic that allows teachers and students to complete the syllabus of CNC learning thoroughly and internationally as well as competent in the industry.

Technological developments in the field of machinery are dynamic and constantly evolving, from manual to automatic, from conventional machines to CNC machines. Some schools have already had CNC machines, but sometimes there are obstacles that arise such as:
- The machine may be damaged due to collisions caused during training and repairs that take a while
- Practice requires raw materials, equipment, etc.
- Students may get hurt
Nevertheless teaching and learning activities must keep running, whatever the constraints. Departure from the above, and armed with our 20 years experience in the field of machine tools as well as CNC machines, we, PTALTEK PRECISION MACHINERY, created a CNC learning tool that is CNC Learning Kit.

Learning tool of this CNC Learning Kit we have some special software for learning CNC, all ORIGINAL LICENSE, like Windows Software, CutViewer Software, Swansot Software. Also we add an electronic video library on how to use machine tools, Siemens simulator software and video turoringnya.
Here's a brief description of CNC software:
CutViewer Turn Software and CutViewer Mill
CutViewer Software is a manual programming of various CNC machine languages ​​with ISO format as well as other machine languages ​​dominated by manufacturers such as Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubisi. Students learn various CNC machine languages ​​and CutViewer translate them into motion simulations that are displayed graphically
CutViewer can also detect and edit errors in programming and cut timing estimations, so students actually learn to create good and correct programs.
Besides, with this program can make measurement of workpiece dimension virtually.

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