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Specification of

CNC Lathe machine BL-X30

Slant Bed CNC Lathe(BL-X30)(Lineal guideway, high quality,CE Certificated, One year warranty)

30° integral slant bed,casted by HT300 resin sand cast iron,2 times aging treatment,small distortion, high stability and
 good torsional strength. 
Adopt independent sleeve type spindle unit, use imported high precision spindle special bearings.And by runing test under
constant temperature environment, ensure high precision, high stability. And can mount different class spindle unit according
 to workpiece’s material, machining precision etc.        
Feeding motor connect with ball scew directly by linkager, no gap. Ball screw pre-load, has high transmission rigidity and 
Precision. Use imported big linear guideway, can bear heavy loading and ensure high precision.        
Spindle motor use Servo motor, ensure high speed and high torque.
Suitable for high precision small workpiece machining.
Tailstock can be mounted or not, convenient for choice.   

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